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Training Hubs for
Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Assemble yours
with lessons and information
sourced directly from industry experts.

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Engage staff & shoppers.

Education and training improves staff engagement, shopping experiences and shopper loyalty.

Save time & money.

Create customized lessons using templates and information sourced directly from industry experts.

Make things happen.

Ramp up new staff, rollout new products and open new stores with speed and confidence.

Key Features

Customizable Content

Spend more time educating, engaging and encouraging staff.

Study Groups

Standardize learning by department, expertise or function.

Activity Tracking

Track staff engagement, fill knowledge gaps and reward results.

"In our industry, knowledge is essential.
thentic.com offers our company an achievable method of offering extended training and education to all of our employees."
Christina Pagelsdorf, Good Harvest Market

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