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Why thentic?

Because shoppers return to where they have had great experiences.

67% more, in fact, intend to return to the where store they had a great experience over those who did not have a great experience.

Courtesy of Verde Group and The Wharton School

Because of the math. Plain and simple.

50% of shoppers wanted an expert opinion upon entering a store.
73% said product knowledge is what they need most from a sales associate.
47% of retail staff believe they don’t know enough about the products they’re selling.
Hundreds of interactions per day.
Equals ???

Because the internet is a firehose of information.

Shoppers are bombarded with advertisements, articles, labels, opinions and reviews. Even retailers can be overwhelmed by it all.

thentic helps retailers find, manage and deliver information to their entire operation, helping them get and stay ahead of the news, trends and issues affecting their industry and their customers.

Because retail staff want to be recognized as valued contributors.

But many are frustrated by a lack of time and resources.

thentic makes learning efficient. Give staff the time and access to the information they need to become customers trusted advisors.

Because of the conflicting information about brands and products.

Retailers represent thousands of brands and tens of thousands of products. Educating staff about a brand and, more importantly, confirming his or her ability to convey that information about a brand's benefits to others is a key to retail success.

Online learning will never fully replace human contact, but a networked education system like thentic can bring brands and retailers closer together, so learning becomes more available, more consistent and more enjoyable.

Because staff are conflicted and embarrassed by their lack of knowledge.

63% of retail staff said they regularly resort to lying to customers to dodge questions they can’t answer.

Retail staff routinely rate companies that make investments in staff education better than those that don't. Staff turnover has a major impact on retailers' bottom line. Investments in education can make a real difference.

Above all else, authenticity rules.

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